helping manage the information in your practice




interlinkt is a suite of software tools to help you manage your professional practice. We help you bring together all the key information into one place - whether it is stored in a database of in a document.

Until now firms have been faced with a choice between buying best of breed software to deal with the different business activities or to buy an integrated system which typically falls short in the individual components. interlinkt gives you the chance to get the best of both worlds. Whether you need our whole suite or just one individual part you will benefit from the same Microsoft SharePoint technology.

The full suite includes a Portal, Online accounting for your clients, Document Management, intelligent email alerting. Many larger clients prefer to buy only the bits their IT team needs.

One of the attractions of SharePoint is that it will allow you to buy parts of our suite and plug them into your own SharePoint intranet. Some of our customers also use it simply to help glue together the databases which they already have in their firm.

Key benefits

Save time - by automation of your practice - especially your document management
Save money - do not buy more software than you need
Retain the benefit of your existing investment in IT - use what you have better - use best of breed software don't get forced into using one software supplier
Give yourself the information you need to run your practice - pulling information from many databases into a single report

Current users include 12 of the largest 100 accountancy firms in the UK.