helping manage the information in your practice




The interlinkt suite

The purpose of our suite is to help you & your team manage your professional firm with the minimum of effort. Founded on the interlinkt database which can integrate multiple sources of information we customise the power of Microsoft SharePoint to bring the automation of business processes within the means of mid-tier professional firms with 15 to 500 people.

Our vision is of a comprehensive suite operating to bring all your information and documents together in one screen. This is fast becoming a reality. Data in individual silos is of limited value - when that data is interlinkt then it becomes understanding.

Our original clients were accounting practices with the resources to build customised IT solutions on a six figure budget. We can now make that expertise available from £150 per user.


Microsoft SharePoint intranet - and extranet - become the heart of your IT systems. Your key information is in one place A Central database links your practice management software with your other software including Microsoft Office tools - and Outlook.

Consistent user experience across the suite

Document Management

Comprehensive document management the modern way - not just file and retrieval Full automated management of standard documents

Range of business apps

Automate standard business processes with reports. We have written many powerful tools to speed up the creation of your SharePoint Portal with useful tools integrating with your existing databases.

Online accounting system for your business and your clients. Suites of reports tailored to the needs of smaller firms.

Automated emails based on any SQL database