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eMail filer

What does it do?
eMail filer is an email filing tool that stores emails within a SharePoint database linked to your practice management software. All the functionality is contained within our two Document Management products. The software has been sold separately to firms which have already invested heavily in SharePoint Document Management custom built for their requirements.

The first special feature is that the user can stay working within Outlook or any other email solution and still send emails to be filed.

Secondly those emails can have attachments which are also saved at the same time.

Just to be clear - you do not need to be on the office network. You can file emails from an internet cafe with a dodgy connection (if you really need to)

How will I benefit?
Recently updated, our eMail file links with our other e-solutions within a sharepoint database to link your received e-mails with the appropriate client files / folders. This will save your account managers the usual time of trawling through their inboxes, and provide a centralised source for all client data, aiding them in completing necessary tasks within given deadlines much more easily than ever before.

Staff working outside the office will now be encouraged to file more of their emails as they are working - so that the information is shared by everyone in your firm

Technical requirements & issues
As a general requirement we state that you should have a valid SharePoint licence and a SQL database in place.

In practice this product requires that you already have a document management solution within SharePoint operating in your firm. If not then you will want to buy our full document management solution.

Our technical team can provide further assistance prior to purchase to ensure that your hardware and software are fully compliant. For further information contact

How much does it cost?
We anticipate that this product will typically require careful installation and integration with your existing SharePoint system. Previous installs have been in region of £10,000 - £15,000. For any enquiries or further information please get in touch with Andrew Webster at