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eDocument Filer

What does it do?
eDocument filer provides all the functionality of filing version control and retrieval of documents and e-mails that you would expect from what is traditionally called "document management" and more.

Our purpose was to present an option to firms considering document management which matches the functionality offered by the current market leading software at a lower cost but which also offers them the opportunity to augment that functionality at a later date.

Scan or create documents and file them using the firms defined rules. Check out documents from the file system to make changes - retaining all versions of the document. Find documents with powerful quick search tools - either by text or by using metatags.

How will I benefit?
Avoid the risks associated with using Windows Explorer to manage your documents. Have you ever deleted key elements of a document and then hit "save" by mistake? or moved a client by accident into another clients folder? If so you will realise that the flexibility of Explorer becomes a nightmare once more than two or three people use the same documents. Document Management centralises your documentation in a secure and easily accessible (by those with the correct permissions) environment, meaning that documents can be worked on in conjunction and accessed from different machines.

Compared to other similar document management systems the unique feature is the ability to chose whether to file doucments by clients - by area of work e.g. projects - by department. It also has the ability to file documents in linked families - e.g. to bring together documents on husband and wife when you choose.

Technical requirements & issues
As a general requirement you should have a valid SharePoint licence and a SQL database in place. All our software can be used with the free version of SharePoint. Document Management systems always require you to consider the hardware being used in your firm. As a general rule you should budget for a new server at the time of instalation.

Our technical team can provide further assistance prior to purchase to ensure that your hardware and software are fully compliant. For further information contact

How much does it cost?
While many of our tools can be bought as individual items to be integrated with your current practice management system, they are usually purcahsed as part of a package.

Generally we are looking at £150+VAT per user for document management - with a minimum of £5,000 per installation.

We are happy to discuss both options, so for any enquiries or further information please get in touch with Andrew Webster at