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Client Facing Document Management

What does it do?
This is a simple but secure "document management" package allowing you to share any electronic file with a client.

You log on to the software with a user name and password. You upload one or more document for the client to see and you email to say that you have done this. The client has full access to the files and then depending on your instructions can read or change the document. You can then exchange emails to your hearts content until the document is in a form you both approve.

How will I benefit?
How easy would it be to send confidential details to the wrong client. In our quick survey most accountants admitted it had happened to them. Soon a client will be able to take action against you if this happens.

By bringing additional levels of security to control to the access to documents you show your clients that you care about protecting their data. No document will go astray. No client will ever receive the wrong data - because each client has their own username and password to log on to our secure server. If you do send an email to the wrong client they would not have the password to access the data

Technical requirements & issues
The software sits on a server outside your office so there is no requirement to have a SharePoint licence or a SQL database in place.

You do not need any new equipment other than an internet browser on a computer with internet access.

In addition your clients have the access to an online accounting software package which has been around for many years.

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How much does it cost?
Currently the software costs £125+VAT per client - but deals are available for adding 50 clients or more.

If your clients are using the online software then the firm gets access for free!